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We know that a great job is not determined by a paycheck alone.  It’s the environment you work in, the company’s culture, the owner’s values, your manager’s support and the people you work with that lay the foundation for long and meaningful job tenure.  At Weber Olcese, our success depends on providing rewarding and inspiring careers and job experiences for our employees.

Our Benefits

Of course, the paycheck is also important so we’ve developed a comprehensive set of employee benefit programs to supplement our employees’ regular wages.  Our inclusive and wide-ranging benefit package represents additional health and retirement security for our employees.  As an employee of our firm, you will be eligible for employee benefits including:

* Medical, prescription, dental and vision insurance, the cost of which is shared between the firm and the   employee
* Life insurance fully paid by the firm
* Long-term disability insurance fully paid by the firm
* 401(k) Qualified Retirement Plan, with a $500 yearly employer match
* Section 125 Plan
* 17 paid vacation days

Our Perks

It is our tradition of “Perks” that have been integral in defining and promoting the environment at Weber Olcese.  Our culture is one of camaraderie, high-energy and personal achievement and as an employee of our firm, you’ll enjoy:

    * 7 paid holidays per year
    * Holiday Party featuring a raffle with over $3,000 in gifts
    * Food trucks and picnics
    * Free Starbucks Coffee
    * Free Popcorn
    * Free bagels on Fridays
    * Concert and sporting event ticket giveaways
    * Casual dress days where jeans are encouraged

    If you are interested in a career doing something you actually enjoy, e-mail your resume to

    We will not accept any resume submissions by unsolicited third-party agencies. We are not responsible for any fees associated with any unsolicited resumes.

    We provide equal employment opportunity and advancement without regard to sex, race, color, religion, age, physical or mental disability, national origin, marital status, height, weight, veteran status or other legally protected condition except where one of the above factors is a bona fide condition or qualification for the job. All decisions relating to recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, benefits, advancement and all other conditions of employment are made in accordance with principles of equal employment opportunity for all and will be administered solely on the basis of each individual’s experience, qualifications, performance and other job-related factors.



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