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Retail and Commercial Debt Collections

debt collections

Changing the Culture of Collections

The Weber Olcese mission is to change the culture of collections. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we operate with integrity as we deliver quality service and offer solutions that fit the needs of our customers. Our focus in interacting with our customers is to treat them the way we would want to be treated, returning phone calls and following up on promises as we strive for strong working relationships and a proactive, open, and educational approach.

Digital Communications

As customer needs and preferences evolve with the times, we make every effort to make the process of debt resolution easier for customers by offering digital options that carry on the increasingly fintech-oriented world of consumer finance originations including secure online payments and email/text communications. In addition to providing consistency throughout the life of the account, this also helps customers to eliminate wait times, improves deliverability as physical addresses change over time, and increases process service.

Customer Call Center

Through the use of our in-house call center, we endeavor to prevent litigation through the use of traditional collections attempts. If you are a customer receiving a call from us, it’s important to respond. We want to work with you by initiating a conversation; remember that this is your opportunity to present your viewpoint, ask questions, speak up with any concerns, and negotiate realistic and achievable payment options that make sense for your account and your current financial circumstances. We encourage customers to engage in the communication process as it is more favorable financially to work together.

Litigation/Creditors’ Rights

We work on behalf of our clients to recover monies owed. While our role is to assist creditors with the legal side of recovering losses incurred due to nonpayment of accounts, we aim to do so with compassion and consideration for the customers we serve to the extent that it is possible. If contact attempts are unsuccessful and the matter must escalate to litigation, we move forward with the legal process. It’s important to note that even if you have been served with a Summons & Complaint, it may not be too late to contact us and prevent going to court. Call us as soon as possible to discuss your account, ask questions, bring up concerns you may have, and discuss achievable settlement options.

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